grace moore


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simplifying dinnertime



In Spring 2016, Penn’s Integrated Product Design program offered a simple design challenge: learn about people’s dinner habits and transform them into Amazon’s next product offering.

I worked on a three-person team to develop and implement the research plan, ideate, and refine our concepts through prototypes.

INDUSTRY: E-commerce, Grocery, Entertainment
EXPERTISE: Design Strategy, Ethnography, Research, User Interaction, Interface Design
COLLABORATORS: Danielle Lashley, Eric Tepper



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Americans spend an average of 80 minutes consuming food each day. Increasingly, this time is spent away from home, often while tackling secondary activities. 

In fact, in 2013 50% of food expenditures—a $1.3 trillion industry—went toward meals consumed away from home. An abundance of evidence shows that this trend has negative health, social, and emotional outcomes. To understand user needs in this space and explore new product opportunities for Amazon, our team focused our primary research on an extreme user group: individuals working overnight or otherwise unorthodox work schedules.

To understand Amazon's stake in the market, we explored their existing products, company culture, and market strategies. While Amazon Prime is a critical force in their business, fewer than half of their 120 million shoppers were Prime subscribers in 2016.







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