grace moore






In 2017, Penn Medicine's PEACE family clinic was working to address patient feedback that care after a miscarriage diagnosis was sorely lacking.

To do so, they teamed up with the Center for Health Care Innovation and the Integrated Product Design program. They wanted to know: How can we better integrate emotional care for women experiencing pregnancy loss? 

I worked on this 9-week project as a design strategist and researcher.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare
EXPERTISE: Design Strategy, Ethnography, Research, Project Management
COLLABORATORS: Kevin Martin, Sayla Tenenbaum



Miscarriage is a major emotional event that affects one in five women.

But medical systems overwhelmingly set professionals up to focus on physical, rather than emotional, care after pregnancy loss. 





The Beside You card set is a low-cost solution with a quick implementation timeline. 

The PEACE Family Center is a non-profit organization with a limited budget and staff capacity. We designed the Beside Card set to maximize impact without adding burden to their overloaded nurses or drawing away from their financial resources. Each set can be produced for under $5, making the cost comparable to the center's existing miscarriage care materials. 


Our experience working with PEACE offered valuable client-facing experience.

When our project began, the PEACE team was nearing the end of a yearlong engagement with Penn Medicine Center for Innovation. Though excited to be bringing life to initiatives around miscarriage, they also wanted to be realistic: costs needed to be low and implementation had to be simple. 

Though other ideas had appeal, we focused on building the most feasible product, the cards. To push their execution further, I'm working to bring together women illustrators and other creatives to translate experiences into a more relatable version of our prototype.